Conference Highlights


CSCRS: Phaco PhilosophyFinding the Right Path

A joint symposium of the APACRS, ASCRS, and ESCRS

The ongoing discussion on the pros and cons of femtosecond laser-assisted vs. standard phaco has occupied the podium in recent years. In any case, the two procedures still require exquisite skill and an understanding of fluidics, regardless of whether the rhexis has been created with a laser or manually. Experts representing the major regional cataract and refractive surgery societies of the Combined Symposium of Cataract and Refractive Societies will discuss the important facets of phacodynamics that are crucial to safe and effective cataract surgery.

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Popular MasterClasses!

This year’s series of MasterClasses covers the hottest topics in ophthalmic surgery today. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn from some of the world’s best and brightest ophthalmic surgeons!

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Live Surgery / Video Symposia

Many innovative technologies will be demonstrated in a comprehensive and interactive live surgery/video program.


APACRS Film Festival

The best films make the blend of art, entertainment, and education seem almost effortless, despite the blood, sweat, and tears that go into producing a masterpiece. This year’s Film Festival promises to be both entertaining and educational, displaying new innovation and breakthroughs in ophthalmic surgery.

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Cataract Blindness – Practical Solutions

Mass cataract blindness is the scourge of many third world countries. It is a tragedy that in the 21st century, masses are still blind from cataract and suffer the economic and social consequences. Many cataract surgeons are keen on helping out but it is a challenge to do so in a meaningful and impactful way. This symposium has been structured to provide practical solutions to addressing mass cataract blindness, from relevant surgical techniques to logistics. For anyone interested in the prevention of cataract blindness, this symposium is not to be missed!

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Special Lecture: Mountains, the Eye and Me

This special lecture promises to be one of the highlights of our meeting in Hangzhou. Geoffrey Tabin has spent half his life climbing the highest mountains in the world and the other half being an ophthalmologist, helping to eradicate mass cataract blindness. He has a profound understanding of the problems of high altitude and the eye, especially eyes that have had refractive surgery.  Don’t miss this unique lecture!

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