Cornea Crossroads (S12)

Co-hosted by the Asia Cornea Society (ACS)
date-02Saturday, 3 June 2017
time14:00 – 15:30hrs
locationHangzhou Hall 5

Cornea surgery has developed rapidly over the last few years, with techniques that were unthinkable just a few years ago becoming increasingly commonplace. Examine the latest techniques in the field together with the Asia Cornea Society.

Donald TAN (Singapore) • Choun-Ki JOO (South Korea)

Time Presentation Topic Speaker
14:00 – 14:08hrs Results of EK in Asian Eyes in the Singapore Corneas Transplant Study (SCTS) LIM Li
14:10 – 14:18hrs Modified DMEK with Endothelium-In Roll Boris MALYUGIN
14:20 – 14:28hrs DMEK for Asian Eyes – the Hybrid DMEK Technique Donald TAN
14:30 – 14:38hrs Intra-operative AS-OCT Probe Device for DALK Choun-Ki JOO
South Korea
14:40 – 14:48hrs Customizing Keratoconus Management Sujatha MOHAN
14:50 – 14:58hrs Combining Laser Vision Correction with Collagen Cross Linkage D. RAMAMURTHY
15:00 – 15:08hrs Inflammation & Biomechanics in Refractive Surgery: Link? Rohit SHETTY
15:10 – 15:18hrs Moxifloxacin as a Contrast Agent for Two-Photon Imaging of Cornea and Other Tissues Myoung Joon KIM
South Korea
15:20 – 15:30hrs Q&A