Wisdom from the Kung Fu Masters (S14)

(adapted from Top Gun)
date-02Saturday, 3 June 2017
time16:00 – 17:30hrs
locationHangzhou Hall 1

Surgical mastery takes years of dedicated practice, but the very best surgeons make surgery look so simple we are challenged to emulate them. We have assembled some of the world’s greatest surgical masters to share their wisdom, demonstrate their subtle surgical tips and maneuvers, moves that we can use the next time we are in the operating room. A prize will be awarded to the best tip.

Ronald YEOH (Singapore) • YAO Ke (China) • Graham BARRETT (Australia)

Time Speaker
16:00 – 16:05hrs TANG Xin, China
16:05 – 16:10hrs Richard PACKARD, UK
16:10 – 16:15hrs Boris MALYUGIN, Russia
16:15 – 16:20hrs Kendall DONALDSON, USA
16:20 – 16:25hrs CHEE Soon Phaik, Singapore
16:25 – 16:30hrs Pannet PANGPUTHIPONG, Thailand
16:30 – 16:35hrs Alan CRANDALL, USA
16:35 – 16:40hrs Michael LAWLESS, Australia
16:40 – 16:45hrs  Hadi PRAKOSO, Indonesia
16:45 – 16:50hrs GUO Hai-ke, China
16:50 – 16:55hrs Sam GARG, USA
16:55 – 17:00hrs Gaurav LUTHRA, India
17:00 – 17:05hrs Charith FONSEKA, Sri Lanka