sri-ganesh_2016Dr. Sri Ganesh is currently Chairman & Managing Director of Nethradhama Hospital Pvt Ltd. Managing Trustee Shraddha Eye Care Trust (R), Padmanabha Nagar Bangalore. He received his basic medical education in Bangalore, Karnataka, and completed his postgraduate training in ophthalmology at the Regional Institute of Ophthalmology, Minto Ophthalmic Hospital, Bangalore Medical College, Bangalore. He completed DNB in 1999. He was an observer fellow in phacoemulsification and LASIK at the Sheppard Eye Centre, LV, Nevada, U.S


Thursday, 1 June 2017
15:30 – 17:00hrs
Beijing Room
MasterClass (MC10): Intrastromal Refractive Surgery
• Course Director
• Introduction and SMILE in Today’s Refractive Surgery Scenario
• SMILE for Astigmatism and Enhancement Techniques
13:30 – 15:00hrs
Hangzhou Hall 5
Symposium (S3): IOL Choices – Designs & Devices
Long Term Outcomes of ERV Lenses
(8 minutes presentation with 2 minutes discussion)
Friday, 2 June 2017
10:30 – 12:10hrs
Shanghai Room
Free Paper (FP1): IOLs
Clinical Outcomes with a New Design of Posterior Chamber Capsular Fixation Intraocular Lens with Swivel Haptics
(5 minutes presentation)
14:00 – 15:30hrs
Hangzhou Hall 5
Symposium (S6): Achieving Focus – Refractive Surgery
Astigmatic Incisions in FLACS – How Effective?
(8 minutes presentation with 2 minutes discussion)
Saturday, 3 June 2017
09:00 – 10:00hrs
Hangzhou Hall 1
Surgical Video Symposium (VS1): JOHNSON & JOHNSON VISION
Pearls for Cataract Surgery and Implantation of Tecnis Toric
12:45 – 13:45hrs
Hangzhou Hall 1
Lunch Symposium (IS07): ZEISS
PRESBYOND as a Patient and as a Surgeon